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    • mine is 199. are there any obvious differences between yours and mine that you can tell? I know early ones had a different design for the parallax viewer.

      • is the camera that you mention, which has a different design for the parallax viewer ,
        the one from the eastman kodak museum ? or is it another one ?
        I think that yours and mine are exactly the same .
        What do you think of the Wilart on ebay at US $ 199,990 which is supposed to be a prototype, but has the number 184 ?
        Best regards YR

        • I have not been to the Kodak museum so I don’t know. I just know I have seen pictures of a more intigrated finder that I think was an early style.
          And yes, that “prototype” Wilart on ebay is silly. It looks like someone tried to put a turret mount on it but gave up. not sure who they expect to fall for that price.

  1. I have only seen the Kodak museum on the net, but i know the cameras of that period quite well.
    In fact, initially the Wilart is a copy of the “Pathé Professionnelle ” 1908, except that the body is in aluminium die cast instead of being in wood.
    Having one of each, i can certify this, and very often the Wilart is called the American Pathé.
    The older ones ( mine, yours ) are exactly like the Pathé, and I think that the Kodak museum one was made later ( new mould ).
    Do you know other Wilart cameras in the US ? ( except those of museums : Kodak and A S C )
    Concerning the “prototype” i think you are right !

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